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La Fondelon is an 18th century family estate, built on an old Roman villa named Aquaviva, and we are exceptionally lucky to have a spring that feeds magnificent basins and a large park with century-old leafy trees that bring coolness in summer. , a haven of peace lulled by the song of birds...rare in our arid region!


On the Domaine we have an intense agricultural activity with an ORGANIC label, so we produce wine, honey and nuts. Come and take the time to walk in the large park, along the ponds, in our vineyards or refresh yourself in the swimming pool and in the shade of the hazelnut trees.

Marine Granel


The Domaine has belonged to the same family since 1785. Located in the Languedoc, on the banks of the Canal du Midi, a stone's throw from the Mediterranean Sea, La Fondelon covers more than eight hectares and enjoys sunshine all year round. exceptional. Marine Granel is an independent winegrower and owner-grower. She has been working her land with heart for more than 15 years with respect for the terroir. It is she who harvests her grapes and bottles them in a modern cellar located in former stables. She produces her cuvées in the purest tradition and vinifies in small volumes in order to enhance the diversity of her plots.



Mademoiselle's Pinot

Drinkable wine, very fruity, which is drunk young and a little chilled, it is supple with notes of blackcurrant and quite pronounced cherry... Ideal between friends and on the terrace!

Augustin's Reserve

If you liked the Réserve de Mademoiselle, here is a wine from its two most beautiful aging barrels (about 500 bottles), it was suchso good at tasting that I decided to isolate them to create this cuvée!! It is a powerful, aromatic and supple wine that can be enjoyed now for special occasions...

Fondelon's Fool

Harvested in November, the grains are covered with noble rot and very rigorously selected. The vinification is long given the amount of sugar contained in the berry. Our goal: a slightly sweet wine with good acidity. This wine is fresh with a mouth of candied citrus fruits and gingerbread, a light sweetness carried by the acidity. A treat with foie gras, blue-veined cheeses, desserts such as: chocolate cake, Catalan cream, etc. After opening, this wine can be kept for 15 days in a cool place.

| Honey & Nuts from la Fondelon |

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